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There is not the word we can say but the gratitude to Allah,The almighty,for his blessing and guidance so that today we can assemble  in this meeting.May shalawat and salam remain be eternal to the son of Abdullah,the sweetheart of Siti Aminah,Muhammad Saw (peace be upon him)who gave a good news to the faithful people and bad news to the faithless ones.

In this opportunity,I will deliver my speech in front of you all tomorning in this good occasion I desire to preach on the title:

Excellent Young Generation The Pillar Of Nation’s Future

Ladies and gentleman,

We are face between expectation and challenge in life.The expectation is that we see the resurgence of islam,where the mosques and institutions of religious call are developing everywhere.However,the challenge we face today is the infiltration of western cultures into the life of islam,especially through television,computer,internet and the others.In fact,they bring a negative effect.As Dr.Fredom William stated that one of the effects of communication media is the changing of culture in the society.Actually we don’t have to be afraid if the changing leads to a positive effect.However,in fact,the changing often leads to negative effect.The proof is a lot of young generation,including students who are involved into a black surrounding of drunken.They consume such as whisky,ectasy,and the others..the proof is a lot of young generations who are involved a black surrounding of free sex!.We are as young generation,Let’s say together “Say No  To Drugs Say NO  To free Sex”.Open your mind,open your eyes,open your ears,and open your heart….

Allah stated in surah an-nisa verse ninth (9) :

وليخش الذين من خلفهم ذرية ضعافاخافواعليهم فليتقواالله وليقولواقولاسديدا                                      “And Let those ( executors and guardians) have the same fear in their minds as they would have foe their own,if they had left weak offspring behind.So let them fear Allah and speak right words”.

My brothers and my sisters who are my loves,

We should be afraid if we become a weak generation wether in physic,knowledge,and the spirit of life.The most dangerous one is the weakness of faith and moral,because of why?because they will poison our life.If the such of dangers happen,we won’t become a pioneer of development,but otherwise,we will become a destructive virus of national of development.Na’udzubillah tsumma na’udzubillah.While the history taught us,in order we have high spirit,responbility to the survival of our nation and religion.Because of what?شبان اليوم رجال الغد “The youth today is the leader in the future”.Therefore,to create the country of Indonesia that is safe,peace,prosperous,and religious,we have to carry out the three important things in order we become an excellent young generation.

The first is discipline.An excellent young generation has too keep high discipline.So,we are as young generation of Indonesia,we must discipline and ontime.And we are as young generation don’t be lazy,because the lazy person will never taste the sweet of honey,but they will sink the bitterness of bile.There is no happiness without pain,there is no struggle without sacrifices.The idleness in the youth will be destruction in the old age.

The second is honesty,Honesty is one of the characteristic of excellent young generation,The honesty not only to the other person but also to our selves.Allah stated in surah Al-ahzab,verse 24 :

ليجزي الصادقين بصدقهم وليجزي المنافقين ان شاءاويتوب عليهم ان الله كان غفورارحيما

“That Allah may reward the man of truth for their truth,and punish the hypocrites if he wills,or accept their repentance by turning to them.Verily,Allah is oft-forgiving most merciful”

Third,perseverance.The excellent young generation is not easy to give up.We are as young generation of Indonesia,never gine up in our life! .Allah stated in surah yusuf verse 87 :

ولاتياسوامن روح الله انه لايياسوامن روح الله الا القوم الكافرون

“Never give up hope of Allah’s mercy.Certainly no one despairs of Allah’s mercy,except the people who disbelieve”.

From the above verse,it is clear that giving up in all aspects is forbidden by religion.

Ladies and gentleman …..

if we are using the three elements in this globalization era,I’m sure that young generation are expected to participate actively to be pioneers of development in this country.and finally,Indonesia will be a prosperous country as we dream about.Will be the bespt country in this world. Thanks for your attention.






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